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Dear Partners,

Allterra Education is an education abroad agency based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We were launched by industry professionals in 2012 and in two years time we have grown from a start-up to the company with an acquired distinctiveness. 

Please meet our team and learn more about our services and possible cooperation options.

OUR staff

Vladimir Grechko, General Director
Area: general management
Work experience: 20 years

Marina Byakisheva, Deputy Director
British Council trained agent, IATA
Area: high schools, business development 
Work experience: 12 years

Olga Solovyova, Education Abroad Advisor
Certified translator (English)
Area: language travel programmes
Work experience: 8 years

Maria Lutsenko, Education Abroad Advisor
ICEF trained agent
Area: higher education, MBA
Work experience: 5 years

Marina Anisimova, Education Abroad Advisor 
ICEF trained agent 
Area: higher education, MBA
Work experience: 2 years

Our counsellors have relevant academic background (education, management, linguistics) and professional development certificates (ITAC, Nuffic Neso, Education UK etc.) We studied abroad ourselves and fully share our students' thirst for knowledge and desire to learn.

OUR portfolio of programmes

  • language learning for children, teenagers and adults,

  • public and private secondary schools,

  • university preparation programmes,

  • undergraduate and postgraduate education,

  • exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, TestDalf, DELE, Delf/Dalf, CILS etc.)

  • career enhancement and professional development programmes (teachers' training, ACCA, CIMA, ILEC etc).

OUR clientele

We have a diversified clientele varying from chidlren young learners to top executives.

Our clients are typically looking for: — language training (summer vacation, general English, family programmes, tuition in teacher's home, teachers' development).

  • private boarding schools with a curriculum in English,

  • pathways to higher education,

  • undergraduate programmes if they can apply directly with a Russian matriculation certificate

  • full-time Master's and MBAs in English.

Our special target audience is young sportmen whose level vary from amateur and semi-professional to nationally recognized.
We pride ourselves to be located in a cultural capital of Russia and this has everything to do with our clientele. Local people treat education seriously. If they consider study abroad, they will consult with quite a few advisors and carefully weigh up all the options to narrow them down. A decision-making process is slow but if a right choice is made you will love our students. They are motivated, intelligent and make a good contribution to your student community.

OUR geography

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.
For language travel our priority destination is the UK followed by other English speaking countries and Western Europe locations.
For academic programmes, our top 4 in 2014 was made of the UK and the USA followed by Germany and Finland.

OUR accreditations

EnglishUK partner agency
ICEF agency 2013 - 2015
ICEF trained counsellors 0320 and 0538

OUR services


  • pre-screening (student's motivation, academic performance, financial reliability)

  • placement test;

  • credentials evaluation;

  • comparative study of educational systems and providers;

  • developement of a favourable study path.

Assistance with an application for a chosen programme help with the necessary paperwork;

  • translation of documents issued in Russian;

  • testing in our office under exam conditions;

  • registration for IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/SAT etc.

  • exam preparation with experienced teachers;

  • guardianship arrangements.

Assistance with a visa application

  • visa papers processing;

  • certified translation and notarization of documents;

  • visa interview preparation;

  • assistance with appeals in case of visa refusals.

Travel arrangements

  • own hotels and tickets booking systems;

  • medical and travel insurance;

  • pre-departure guidance;

  • airport transfers.

Support throughout the course of studies

  • translation of academic reports;

  • tackling problems that might occur during the study process;

  • visa support for students’ relatives and friends;

  • emergency line 24/7.

OUR services

We work with some of the best language schools (accredited by Quality English, IALC etc.) as well as with several bigger chains. For British language schools we normally ask for EnglishUK accreditation (the same applies for Languages Canada, MEI, Instituto Cervantes etc in relevant countries).

We work with some excellent schools and universities and this is the area we are mostly interested in developing further. 

We don't aim on having as many business links all over the world as we can - we prefer to build fruitful and long-term business relationship with selected partners that are similar to us in terms of the market niche, vision, approach and size.

Our partner benefit from:

  • Corporate tickets & hotels booking systems – enjoy good value for money!

  • Professional guidance through the educational system in CIS countries;

  • Russian market entry assistance;

  • Access to top high schools and universities in St. Petersburg;

  • Flexible options of joint participation in recruiting events;

  • Advertising in media and search engines (Yandex, Google);

  • Web-promotion in RU domain zone;

  • Promo materials design layout and printing;

  • Translation services.

OUR highlights

  1. We build personal relationships with our clients,

  2. We treat every student as the most special one regardless his budget,

  3. We give our clients options to choose from,

  4. We rely on experienced staff who can serve the needs of the most demanding audience,

  5. We process all the enquires within 1 business day,

  6. We are available 24/7,

  7. We feel at home in international education. We take part in trainings and agent workshops, follow, industry news in media and monitor university rankings,

  8. We pay extreme attention to details when it comes to visa applications,

  9. We love what we do. And our clients benefit from it.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss our cooperation.

Vladimir Grechko
General Director.

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