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We are glad that you are considering working with us.

Allterra Education is a boutique education abroad agency based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Launched by industry professionals in 2012, we have grown to become the company with an acquired distinctiveness.

Please meet our team and learn more about our services and possible cooperation options.

OUR founders

Vladimir Grechko

General Director

Area: general management

Work experience: 27 years


Marina Byakisheva

Managing Director

Area: partnerships, business development

Work experience: 16 years


OUR team

We have six full-time advisors working for Allterra, along with digital marketing managers, editors and IT specialists.

We are a fantastic team! Our advisors have the solid academic background and a lot of professional training by organisations like British Council and EnglishUK. Many of us studied abroad ourselves which helped us develop a truly global perspective. We fully share our students' thirst for knowledge and commitment to personal growth.

OUR clientele

We have a diversified clientele varying from young learners to top executives. Our clients are mostly looking for:

  • intensive language training

  • top boarding schools with a curriculum in English

  • pathways to top universities

  • undergraduate programmes, full-time Master's and MBAs in English at leading institutions worldwide

Once in a while, we have a particularly tricky case – an elite athlete looking for a university programme that allows him to continue his training, a bright student with a way worse exam result than he was capable of or a young professional with a goal to change her career to medicine. We like a good challenge and have a record of helping students like that to achieve their goals (and sometimes even surpass them).

We pride ourselves on being located in St. Petersburg not just because it's a cultural capital of Russia, but also because of its people. They treat education seriously, consult with a few advisors and carefully weigh up the options. It takes time to make a decision, and we support our clients throughout the process to make sure the choice is right for both a student and a school. You will love our students - they are motivated, intelligent and make a great contribution to a school's community.

OUR geography

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

For language travel, our key destination is the UK followed by other English-speaking countries. For secondary schools’ placements and applications to universities, our top 4 in 2018 was made of the UK and the USA followed by Germany and Canada.

OUR main accreditations

  • British Council trained agents

  • EnglishUK partner

  • Quality English partner

  • BBS Connected /BBSW partner

  • ICEF agency 2013 – 2019

OUR services


  • pre-screening (student's motivation, performance, reliability)

  • academic assessment

  • comparative study of educational systems and providers

Application assistance

  • all the necessary paperwork

  • exam preparation with experienced teachers

  • entry testing in our office

  • mock interviews

  • portfolio consultations with experts

Visa assistance

  • all the necessary paperwork

  • visa interview preparation

  • post-guarantee support in an unlikely case of visa refusal

Support with departure and beyond

  • pre-departure guidance

  • travel arrangements

  • tackling problems that might occur during the study process

  • emergency line 24/7

OUR partners

We work with some excellent schools and universities in Europe and Northern America, and this is the area we are most interested in developing further.

We don't aim to have as many business links as we can - we prefer to build fruitful and long-term relationships with selected partners that share our vision and approach and work in the same niche.

Our partners benefit from:

  • careful students’ pre-screening

  • efficient and customer friendly service

  • Russian market entry assistance

  • flexible options of joint online and offline marketing promotion

OUR highlights

  • we rely on highly trained staff who can serve the needs of the most demanding audience

  • we invest in our industry expertise

  • we pay extreme attention to details when it comes to visa applications

  • we treat every student as the most special one

  • we love what we do, and our clients benefit from it

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss our cooperation.

с 2008 года
Успешно зачислили
более 3000 студентов и школьников
С нами поступают
с вероятностью 100 %
Нам доверяют
более 200 семей ежегодно

OUR accreditations

Allterra Education входит в список агентств, рекомендованных Британским Советом для профессиональной консультации по учебе в Великобритании.
Allterra Education является официальным представителем более 300 ведущих частных школ Великобритании в рамках ассоциации British Boarding Schools Network.
Allterra Education успешно сотрудничает с международной ассоциацией Quality Education, в которую входят лучшие языковые школы и колледжи планеты.
Allterra Education – член организации ICEF; наши специалисты прошли профессиональную подготовку и получили международный статус ICEF Trained Advisors.
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